Schuhhaus Höber

Sach­sentor 75
21029 Hamburg
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+49 40 7241430
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Bei unseren ausgewählten Handels­fach­partnern wird die Beratung großges­chrieben. Falls Dein Wunschmodell beim Händler vor Ort nicht auf Lager ist, kann er Dir den Schuh bei LOWA bestellen.

“Owner and assortment change. Large selection of chil­dren’s shoes from top brands. Schüttfort became a branch of Schuhhaus Höber from Uelzen, and the employees were taken over. Fash­ionable and comfortable shoes from leading brands, bags and accessories. Newly designed chil­dren’s department with a large variety of brands. Service and service, of course.”

“Great advice and great selection. It was a pleasure.”

“Finally a competent shoe store with good service and good prices. After the renovation of Schuhaus Schüttfort, the shop has become clearer and the right shoes can be found more quickly. If you have a question, the staff is imme­diately ready to answer and / or help. Lg”

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